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  • Image of Morning Star Cuticle Oil
  • Image of Morning Star Cuticle Oil

Morning Star Cuticle Oil


After closing up shop, Message Beauty is proud to offer the very loved Morning Star Cuticle oil recipe.

Original formula or Extra Strength formula with calendula infused oil.

Both come in a convenient click pen container. Perfect for your purse, desk or nightstand.

Please note your scent selection in the notes on your order.

Custom fragrance list.

Coffee beans
Salted Carmel
Fresh Snow
Spring Fields
Honey Almond
Sweet Almond
Cherry Candy
Hibiscus Mango
Floral Honeysuckle
Cucumber Melon
Green Tea Cucumber
Green Tea
Sweet Pea
Lemon Verbena
Line Dried Linen
Love Spell
Ylang Ylang
Blood Orange
Apple Pie

From Our Men's line of fragrance oils

Made to Measure Type
Tobacco and Bay Leaf
Shave and a Haircut
Spiced Mahogany
Rustic Woods and Rum
Cold Water
Salty Mariner
Fierce Type
Drakkar Type
Kentish Rain
Sensuous Sandalwood