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  • Image of Globe Bath Bombs (Pre-Order)
  • Image of Globe Bath Bombs (Pre-Order)
  • Image of Globe Bath Bombs (Pre-Order)

Globe Bath Bombs (Pre-Order)


Bigger. Better. Bathy-er.

Message Globe Bath Bombs deliver with a great dose of skin friendly oils and muscle relaxing epsom salt. Perfect addition to your body care routine. All bombs are 5 oz. *Use caution when exiting tub. Oils may create a slick surface.*

Bomb Types;

Basic B Globe- Everything you need. Oils, magnesium, fragrance and a fizzy pop.

Black Beauty- Intense color. Channel your inner emo teen with this bomb. It will blow your mind (and is totally non staining!).

Golden Globes- Your Favorite bath bomb scent, dusted in shimmery golden powder, leaving your skin with a glowing gold sparkle on your skin.

Hidden Color Globes- Especially fun for kids, these globes pack a secret punch of color in their center.

Flower Power- An added sprinkling of real flower pedals. A mix of lavender, rose and hibiscus. The longer the pedals soak, the better they smell! I love this one for when I have time for a long soak!

Paint Splatter- Dispersed mica, splattered on this globe give it a gorgeous, shimmering pop of color!

4 Pack- Get the most bang for your buck! Order 4 globes at once and save. Please note your globe style preference in the notes section. ***Blank notes section will be filled as random***.

Ingredient list; Sodium Bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, Citric Acid, corn starch, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Grapeseed Oil Vitamin E oil, Aloe Extract, Fragrance, Liquid Glycerin, Colorant.

***Due to the wide variety of fragrances I offer, please note your fragrance selection in the notes section of your order. Each batch is made to order and I prefer it that way. I could limit my available fragrances and pre-make batches ahead of time, but I prefer the wider variety. If the notes section is left blank, the order will be a random fragrance.***

Honey Almond
Sweet Almond
Cherry Candy
Hibiscus Mango
Cucumber Melon
Green Tea Cucumber
Sweet Pea
Lemon Verbena
Line Dried Linen
Love Spell

From Our Men's line of fragrance oils

Made to Measure Type
Tobacco and Bay Leaf
Shave and a Haircut
Spiced Mahogany
Rustic Woods and Rum
Cold Water
Salty Mariner
Fierce Type
Drakkar Type
Kentish Rain
Sensuous Sandalwood

••••• I allow the bombs to rest for over a week to allow for optimal hardening before shipping. Expect orders containing bath bombs to be delayed a little. •••••